DIY filament extruder kit for making filament from raw or used material for 3D printing

DIY filament extruder kit for making filament from raw or used material for 3D printing

$ 300.00

Horizontal Operation

Vertical Operation

An extruder for making filament from raw or used material for 3D printing.

The extruder can be operated horizontally or vertically.

Control Box (newly added since 2016/10/17)

The kit comes with a laser cut plywood box that houses the PID, SSR, Motor Speed Controller and the switches and connectors.

Front View

Rear View

Side View

The box is shipped in 6 laser cut pieces.


Extruder Nozzle Size: 2.8mm / 1.5mm;

Max. Extrusion Temp.: Over 400 degree C;

Extruder Heat Source: AC 110V Heat Band;

Extruder Temp. Control: PID + SSR;

Filament Cooling: Air Cool (via cooling fan);

Motor: DC 12V Gear Motor;

Optional Accessories (sold separately from the extruder kit)

Please visit the link below for the optional accessories.

User supply items:

The following items are not included in the kit and they need to be provided by the user.

- A 12V, 30A DC Power Supply;

- A 3D Printer with 20cm x 20cm x 20cm printing envelop (for printing the Hopper and the Hopper Base), the STL files will be provided;

- 18 AWG stranded copper wires (red, black, yellow, blue) - the length of the wire is depending upon how you arrange the extruder, power supply, and the control unit. (for my case, 4-meter for each color is more than enough);

- Power sockets and plugs;

- Basic hand tools (wire cutter, screw drivers, pliers, etc.);

- Solder, Soldering Iron, Solder Paste.


As the characteristics of material vary significantly, care must be taken to work out the optimal extrusion conditions (extrusion temperature, extrusion speed, pressure inside hopper, etc.) to achieve the desire result.


This machine must be operated in a well ventilated area and be attended by an operator constantly to minimize hazards (fire, toxic fumes, etc.).


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