Filament Winder and Filament Spreader for DIY Filament Extruder

Filament Winder and Filament Spreader for DIY Filament Extruder

$ 300.00

Filament Winder

Main Features:
- Motor: DC 12V;
- Support various spool diameter (via adjustable vertical and horizontal position of the driving motor and the driving shaft).

Filament Spreader

Soft start of the motor is implemented in the software to reduce the current spike during motor start up.

Motor Controller for Filament Spreader

The motor controller is a DIY MOSFET H bridge shield using 2 P-Channel MOSFET and 2 N-Channel MOSFET. The 4 white chips are opto-couplers that provide optical isolation to shield the micro controller from the motor noise.

Main Features:

- Input Voltage: DC 12V;
- Motor: Support single channel, DC 12V, 2A / 5A Motor (max. motor current determined by the MOSFET used);
- Protection against reverse input voltage (the red LED will be turned on when reverse voltage is applied to the board);
- Pin and form factor compatible with Arduino Uno;
- Selectable PWM and Direction Control pins via jumping wires;
- DC 5V PWM and direction control signal;
- Optical isolation of PWM and direction control signal.

Working together - Filament Winder + Filament Spreader

The video below shows the working of Filament Winder + Filament Spreader. The synchronization of the spreader's movement with the spool's rotation is done by the hall effect sensor.


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